Cameron Needs a Custom Submarine for ‘Avatar’ Sequels

In case you haven’t heard, James Cameron has gone into greater detail in recent months about what we can expect from the forthcoming two sequels to his 2009 film Avatar.

Producer Jon Landau was quoted in January as saying that we shouldn’t expect to see another Avatar movie for around four years.

More recently, star Sigourney Weaver told /Film that the relatively long wait will be partially due to special equipment Cameron feels he needs to create his vision:

Cameron will only begin filming the new Avatars after having gone underwater in a specially built submarine. It is thought that he would like to go to the Mariana Trench. Re-beginning work on Titanic for the 3D version has also given him many inspirations for Avatar.

I couldn’t think of something as quintessentially James Cameron as this even if I were deliberately trying to write a parody sketch.  You can’t make this up.  Dude needs a custom submersible, built to his own personal specifications, before he can make another movie.  And sharks.  Sharks with frikkin’ lasers on their heads.

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