Feminism and A Song of Ice and Fire

I think I will let others comment on this one.  I found both of the articles interesting but for different reasons.  The first one, a blog post by Sady Doyle at Tiger Beatdown, is interesting because it is one of the most hate filled blog posts I have ever seen.  I have written in fury as well, but damn is she bitter.

What I found more interesting was Alyssa Rosenberg’s thoughtful reply on thinkprogress.org.  Alyssa gives the topic the nuanced analysis it deserves, rather then just spewing random hate on a webpage.  Sady may actually have some legitimate points, but her analysis (or lack thereof) is so wrathful and flippant, her point is lost.

Note: This is the last time I will ever post anything from thinkprogress.org ever.


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