‘Raiding the Lost Ark’ – A Filmumentary by Jamie Benning

This is too good not to repost (via ForeverGeek).  Raiding the Lost Ark is a fan-made, in-depth documentary / commentary on Raiders of the Lost Ark by Jamie Benning.  It shows the entirety of the film with custom curated commentary from the makers and stars, intercut with clips of the making of the film.  Watch it while you can: Benning’s prior “filmumentaries” on the Star Wars trilogy were forcibly removed from YouTube due to alleged copyright infringement.

Update on the Harrison Ford/Blade Runner Sequel Story

Twitch’s recent report that Harrison Ford was allegedly in talks to return as Rick Deckard in a Blade Runner sequel have been met with an emphatic denial by producer Andrew Kosove, but Twitch isn’t buying it.

Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses

Remember how I wondered in the image caption in the last post where I could get those sweet square rocks glasses Harrison Ford drinks Johnnie Walker Black Label out of as Rick Deckard?  Thanks to the glories of the interwebs, I now know.  They’re available here, for a mere $286 for a set of four!

Harrison Ford in Talks for Blade Runner Sequel

Seriously, where can I get a set of these rocks glasses?

Twitch reports today on the sequel to Blade Runner:

In March of 2011 word broke that Alcon Entertainment and Warner Brothers had teamed up to return to the world of Ridley Scott’s classic scifi Blade Runner. In following weeks Scott himself would sign on to direct the project – it is widely expected to be Scott’s next project after Prometheus, though he’s got a number in the works so scheduling could always change – but the official line has always been that Scott would be the only returning alumni, that the plan was a completely fresh reboot.

I hadn’t heard Scott was making a sequel, but it’s great to see that he’s moving from the Alien universe directly into another science fiction film.  Whether the new Blade Runner will be worth our while is another question entirely, however.  The bigger news today is that Harrison Ford is rumored to be talking about returning as Rick Deckard:

Twitch has learned that Harrison Ford has entered into early talks to join the new Blade Runner. While this is still very early stages and it is quite possible that things won’t work out the obvious implication is that what we are looking at is nota reboot but a direct sequel to the original.

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